Gear List

Grip & Electric

11.2K LTM HMI fresnel w/ Magnetic Ballast
1Intellytech Light Cannon Pro Daylight w/ 4 ft Octabank
1Intellytech Litecloth LC-160 w/ V-Mount Plate
24ft Quasar Rainbow RGB LED Tubes
12ft Quasar Crossfade LED Tube
2Dracast LED500 Bicolor w/ Sony NP-F Plate
2Dracast BoltRay LED600 Plus Bi-Color LED Lights
1Arri 1K Fresnel
2Arri 650w Fresnels
1Source Four 750w Leko w/ 19 Degree Lens
3Lowel DPs 1000w
2Lowel Totas 750w
1Lowel V-light 500w
1Lowel Pro 250w
1Lowel Fluo-Tec 4 Bank
21000w Dimmers
1500w Dimmer
5250w Dimmers
12400w 4-Ch DMX Tungsten Dimmer
1LumenRadio Transmitter
1Triple Riser Baby Stand
2Turtle Base C-stands
3Sliding Leg C-stands
5Kit Stands
17ft Boom Arm
112×12 Overhead Frame
112×12 Ultrabounce and Silent Half Grid Cloth
26×6 Butterfly Frames
16×6 Ultrabounce, Silent Full, Half and Quarter Grid Cloth
24×4 Floppy Flags
24×4 Open Frame w/ 216 or 251 diff
24×4 Foam Core Boards
14×4 Silent Full and Quarter Grid
1Set of 24”x36” Break Apart Flag/Silk/Nets
118″x48″ Cutter Flag
124”x32” Softbox
230″ paper lanterns
142” Flexible Reflector/Bounce
15/8” Speed Clamp Kit
15/8” Wall Spreader kit
12×4 Wall Spreader Kit
2Mafer Clamps
3Cardellini Clamps
2Scissor Clamps
1Baby Plate
1Chain Vise Grip
1Quacker Clamp
2Baby Pipe Clamps
2Recessed Light Socket to Baby Pin Adapter
32.5″ Grip Heads
224″ Bar Clamps w/ Baby Pin
212” Bar Clamps w/ Baby Pin
1Nesting Apple Box Set
1Full Apple Box
18 Step Ladder
2Grip/Camera Carts
Duvetyne and blackwrap
Assorted 20″x24″ gels and diffusion sheets
1Nissan NV200 w/ custom shelves

Camera & Audio

1Sony a7s
1Sony a6500
1Sigma 18-35mm
1Tokina 11-16mm
1Rokinon 35mm
1Rokinon 50mm
1Rokinon 85mm
1Tiffen 77mm Variable ND Filter
1Sennheiser G4 Lav Kit
1Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Mic
1Tascam DR-40
1Benro BV6 Tripod
1Manfrotto MVH500A Tripod
1Rhino motorized camera slider
1Glidecam HD-2000

Items available for rent a la carte or as a part of a van package