G&E Price List

OrderCategoryItem NamePrice/day# AvailableWireless/DMX Compatible
2LEDAstera Titan Tube 8 Light Kit w/ Art 7 Box$4001CRMX and AsteraNext Bluetooth
3Astera Titan Individual Tube$508CRMX and AsteraNext Bluetooth
4Astera Helios Individual Tube$354CRMX and AsteraNext Bluetooth
5Aputure Nova P300c$1501DMX and Sidus Link Bluetooth
6Aputure 600d Pro w/ F10 Fresnel$1501CRMX and Sidus Link Bluetooth
7Aputure 300x w/ F5 Fresnel$1001DMX and Sidus Link Bluetooth
8Intellytech LC-160$501DMX
9Intellytech Light Canon Pro Daylight$601DMX
10Lupo Superpanel Full Color 30$802DMX
11Lupo Superpanel Dual Color 30$601DMX
12Quasar Science Rainbow 4ft Tube$302CRMX
13Quasar Science Rainbow 2ft Tube$202CRMX
14Quasar Science Crossfade 2ft Tube$101None
15Nanlite Forza 60c w/ Fresnel$351DMX
16Falcon Eyes RX-36TDX$401DMX
17Amaran F22c RGB Flex Light$351DMX
18DMG Dash Pocket Light w/ Dot Diffuser$202CRMX
19Aputure MC Pocket Light$104Sidus Link Bluetooth
20Aputure B7c Bulb$74Sidus Link Bluetooth
21Aputure 60x$252Sidus Link Bluetooth
22Astera NYX Bulb$106CRMX and AsteraNext Bluetooth
23Falconeyes F7 Pocket Light$81None
24Dracast LED500 Bicolor$82None
25Dracast BoltRay LED600 Plus BiColor$72None
26HMILTM 1.2k HMI$1001
27TungstenArri 1K Fresnel$201
28Arri 650w Fresnel$152
29Source Four 750w Leko Body$153
30Source Four 19 degree lens$51
31Source Four 26 degree lens$51
32Source Four 36 degree lens$51
33Source Four 50 degree lens$51
34Lowel DP 1K$62
35Lowel Tota 750w$52
36Lowel Pro 250w$81
37FluorescentLowel Fluo-Tec 4 Bank$101
38Batteries150 wH V-Mount Battery$156
39Sony f970 Battery$66
40DMXAstera Art7 Bluetooth and CRMX Box$251
41LumenRadio Moonlite CRMX TX & RX$251
424 Ch Tungsten DMX Dimmer Box$102
43Ipad with Luminair, Sidus Link and AsteraNext$201
45Stands40” C-Stand$511
4620” C-Stand$52
47Mini Mombo Stand$202
482 Riser Combo Stand$51
493 Riser Sky Hi Baby Stand$51
50Frames12×12 Frame$251
5112×12 Ultrabounce$301
5212×12 Half Grid Rag$301
536×6 Frame$101
546×6 Full Grid Rag$151
556×6 Half Grid Rag$151
566×6 Quarter Grid Rag$151
576×6 Ultrabounce$151
584×4 Open Frame$84
594×4 ¼ Grid$81
604×4 Full Grid$81
614×4 Ultrabounce Floppy$101
624×4 Floppy$62
6324×36 Flag$32
64Clamps3 Inch Cardellini$42
6512 Inch Cardellini$41
67Quacker Clamp$41
68Chain Vise Grip$31
696 Inch Suction Cup$51
70Speedrail8ft Speed Rail$32
71Menace Arm Kit$151
72Full Proburger Clamp$42
73Half Proburger Clamp$32
74Baby Grid Clamp$31
75Misc20 lb Sand Bags$215
76Apple Box Full$31
77Apple Box Family$101
78ADJ Haze Generator$251
7925 ft Stinger$25
8050 ft Stinger$55